Eating Local: Deccan Spice Tampa Bay

Eating Local: Deccan Spice Tampa Bay

Currying favor at Deccan Spice

We often get a craving for a good curry, and we’ve noticed there aren’t many Indian restaurants in the St Pete area. Some friends of ours recommended Deccan Spice, so we ventured out to Clearwater to try it. We’re so glad we did!

It’s a pretty large space, tastefully decorated and comfortable. And while the inside didn’t seem very busy, there was clearly a bustling take-out trade.

A cold Taj beer, garlic naan, and onion bhaji got us started.

The naan was buttery, garlicky, and perfectly cooked. The onion bhaji was tasty and crisp. Our mouths were already watering in anticipation for the rest of the meal.

Next came the mains. One of our friends, who’s British and used to super spicy curries, asked them to make his Vindaloo as hot as they could. Apparently, they succeeded, judging from his big grin and the sweat appearing on his upper lip. It was too spicy for us!

We opted for the tamer Chicken Korma and Methi Mutter Mulai, a creamy vegetarian dish with peas. The rice was fluffy and delicious.

With rich, yet subtle flavors, the dishes were all outstanding. We were full and happy and even had some leftovers to take home (though that might have had something to do with the extra two orders of plain naan we ordered!)

The restaurant originally had a large banquet space on the side, but with the pandemic, they changed it into an Indian grocery. What a smart move!

The fresh vegetable and spice selection is amazing, with all kinds of weird and wonderful items we’ve never seen before! You can also get bulk bags of rice and other staples, and freshly-packed packets of spicy snack mixes.

Deccan Spice and Spice Rack Indian Grocery Store
are open daily, with mid-day hours at 11:00am-2:30pm Monday-Thursday (until 3:00pm Friday, Saturday, and Sunday), and evenings from 5:30 to 9:30 (10:00pm Friday and Saturday).

2325 Ulmerton Rd Suite # 28, Clearwater 33762                                    Phone: 727-623-4009

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