An Interview with Batman Media

An Interview with Batman Media

Batman Media brings the fun!

From trivia to music to interactive amusement, local group Batman Media brings all kinds of entertainment to venues and functions.

Bob Pileggi, Real Estate Agent with Gulf Living Group, interviews Martin ‘Batman’ Brinkley, of Batman Media to get the scoop on the super fun.

“With games like Mixtape Bingo and Friendly Feud, our events have been a hit with bars, restaurants, fundraisers and non-profits,” says Brinkley. “We provide everything needed for a fun time.”

Brinkley says the team does a lot with social clubs, such as Elks. “We love them and they love us!” he laughs. “You get a big group together like that and the atmosphere is electric. Whether we’re trying out one of our newer games like ‘What the Blank?’ or providing music for an event, we engage the crowd and they have a blast!”

“We also help them raise money for great causes, and that makes it even more special,” he adds.

For bars and restaurants, introducing a weekly Batman Media event at a venue helps establish a regular crowd, and can turn occasional guests into frequent customers. Even once-a-month events create a buzz and sense of anticipation. “Some of our venues use us for charity fundraisers, and those are always a lot of fun,” says Brinkley.

Asked how the pandemic affected the business, Brinkley says Batman Media has evolved and adapted to the changing times. “When COVID hit and everyone went into lockdown, we had to change the way we did things,” he says. “Our regulars kept telling us how much they missed trivia, so we looked for ways to stay relevant and keep everyone engaged.”

“We started running free online trivia twice a week, and our Mixtape Bingo game every Sunday. It was our way of doing what we could.” Brinkley says. “People loved it. We had players logging in from all over the country, even other parts of the world, like the UK, Canada, Australia, and Brazil! We had families playing ‘together’ even though they were separated by miles and stuck at home.  It was very rewarding to be able to give back in a small way.”

That ‘small way’ ended up helping the business stay afloat during those months. People started hiring Batman Media for virtual parties and fundraising events, and companies around the country would hold online happy hour games for their staff. “We’re still getting requests now for virtual corporate and charity events,” Brinkley says with a smile.

As venues started to return to live events, the team continued to find better ways to do things. “People wanted to get back to live trivia, but we needed to practice social distancing and limit human contact,” Brinkley says they had been running a version of Smartphone Trivia before but changed the format to be more user-friendly and fun. The new contactless game means people stay in their seats and don’t run back and forth giving little pieces of paper to the host. “It took a minute for everyone to get used to it, but now they prefer our Smartphone Trivia to the old pen-and-paper version.”

Whether you are looking to boost your venue’s sales on a regular weekly basis or host a one-off charity or theme event, private party, or corporate get-together, a Batman Media event is always a winner!

For more information on how you can enjoy Batman Media events, check out their calendar on Facebook Batman Media | Facebook and their website or contact them at and 727 358 4670.

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