5 DIY Improvements To Make Your Home Classier

5 DIY Improvements To Make Your Home Classier

Updating your home to appear more chic is completely doable on a budget.  Just how far you can go depends on how much you’re willing to spend.


Painting can get expensive if you do the entire home.  But there are certain things you can paint that will inject new life into a room.  Older cabinets that clash with your current kitchen decor can be painted to add class.  Choose a neutral shade, like a light gray, to bring all of your other colors together.  Older wood furniture can be refreshed with nice chalk paint in a gray or white shade.


Upgrade your hardware.  This includes cabinet drawer and door pulls in the kitchen and baths.  Change doorknobs to a satin silver or nickel finish (brass is out!).  And upgrade your wallplates around your switches and receptacles.


Flowers are a cheap way to inject colors and textures into any room in the house, including halls.  Choose a variety around the home and pick flowers with vibrant colors.  If neutral is your color scheme, adding greenery will give you more decorative opportunities.


Rugs can add coziness to any room.  If you have hardwood or tile floors, adding an area rug can bring color and ambiance to any room or area.  Make sure your rug is proportional to the size of the space. A rug that is too small will make the room appear smaller than it actually is.  When putting furniture on the rug make sure you have at least the two front legs on the rug, and in the dining room, the rug should extend at least three feet beyond the back legs of the chairs so when the chairs are pulled out to sit all four legs are still on the rug.


Minimize your furniture.  Too much furniture and accessories in a room will make the room appear small and cramped.  Keep only the furniture you actually use regularly and remove any extra chairs and other accessories that serve no purpose.

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