3 Tips For A Higher Home Appraisal

3 Tips For A Higher Home Appraisal

Homebuyers and sellers share one important concern: a successful transaction.  An important step is the appraisal.

An appraisal is an important part of the purchase of the home as it sets the value of the home.  This is most important when financing or refinancing your home as a bank will only loan money based on the appraised value.  While you can’t control outside influencing factors (such as proximity to schools and entertainment, or the value of homes in the surrounding area) you can help increase the value of your home.


The first impression of a home is when a person pulls up in front.  This is often referred to as curb appeal.  Simple home maintenance to improve the curb appeal will help with this first impression.  Clean up the landscaping.  Clear the debris from your yard.  Trim the bushes and hedges.  Powerwash the driveway and sidewalks and, if needed, the exterior of the house.  And clean out the gutters all around the house.


Make minor repairs around the house.  Touch up chipped paint.  Replace broken wall plates and receptacles or switches.  Repair or replace broken doorknobs.  While minor, these can add value to your home as it shows your home is well maintained.


Declutter your home.  Put away child or pet toys.  Contain your pets.  Put away pots, pans, drinking glasses, and remove small appliances from the countertop.

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